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ECHGW 13: Happy Healthy and Groovy

This week we are joined by Kim Adams from Happy Healthy Groovy. Kim is an eating psychologist and works with weight issues, body image challenges, overeating, binge eating, and a variety of nutrition related health concerns such as digestion, fatigue, mood, immunity, and others. Chatting to Kim I know you’ll really enjoy what she has to say around body wisdom and bringing a sense of balance to our lives around food.

Peter and Tracy also chat about the not so recent discovery of GPS cells in our brains that have won a nobel prize for Dr. John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser, and Edvard I. Moser. In other news, Tracy moves away from talking poop this week to talking about some interesting facts around urine.

They also discuss 5 interesting documentaries you may like to check out around food for International Food Day which was on October 24th .

So, sit back ,relax, grab a cuppa and enjoy this weeks episode of “The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness”

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ECHGW 11: Connecting With Family In One Mindful Moment Each Day

This weeks episode of “The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness” …. Peter talks about a podcast on NPR he’s been listening to around some of the developments researchers in the USA are seeing around Autism. Tracy updates us about frozen poop and how it has the potential to save lives.

In this weeks interview we chat a to Leonie Percy. Voted a “Rising Star” in this years AusMumpreneur awards. Founder of Yoga Magmata and author of the award winning book “Mother Om“.

Leonie is passionate about helping mums to become better mums in the moment. How to teach children kindness and resilience and assist in keeping families connected. She teaches yoga and mindfulness to mums kids and families offering programs, workshops, clothing and retreats.

Being a mother is a journey filled with blissful moments but also times of intense frustration. We are plugged in, overstimulated and we struggle to relax. Children absorb our stress. For us to have content children we must find a way to connect with ourselves, our children and the world around us. Mother Om provides you with the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood.

So, join us, won’t you as we explore this weeks episode and take a deep dive down the rabbit hole with Mother Om.

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ECHGW 10: Executive head hunting and wellness for corporate executives

Richard Triggs from Arete Exective is our guest on this weeks show. Richard is an executive recruiter based in Brisbane, and shares his views on wellness in corporate Australia, the trends and the changes he has seen in the industry over the past number of years.

Before we launch in to the interview with Richard though we expire what has been happening in the media this week in relation to Mental Health month with a big congratulations going to ABC TV for the work they have done to raise the profile of mental health, with their “Mental As” month of programming. Continue reading

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ECHGW 09: Comparing Diets and Lifestyles

This week on the Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness we are talking diets.

We’ve had a lot of questions and feedback from people since we chatted to “That Paleo Show” so we thought we’d spend this episode taking a closer look at some of the more popular and common diets out in the market place at the moment.

We look a little deeper at the Paleo diet, the 5:2 diet, the liver cleansing diet, the Dukan diet, the anti inflammatory and the acid/ alkaline diet.

So join us as we drill down on each of these diets and see whether they are worthy of you investigating any further. Oh, I should mention, if you are thinking of pursuing any of these diets or lifestyle changes it would be my advice that you seek medical advice first, just to make sure all is ok and you have the baseline to check yourself against.

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ECHGW 08: The Deception Detection Detective

This week on The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness we are chatting to Jeremy Kesby. Founder of InvestiCoach and a Private Investigator for over 10 years. Jeremy is Australia’s very own Deception Detection Detective.

Learn what makes a good liar, sand why 83% of people in the UK lie during job interviews. When do babies learn how to lie, and what are some top tips for catching liars in their tracks.

Jeremy has worked with blue chip companies across the country from a recruitment standpoint, to helping train the officers at RSPCA. He is now branching out to assist everyday Aussie’s brush up on their “Deceptionese”  by running couple of deception detection masterclasses coming up in QLD in October and November

Can’t wait for you to listen to this interview, I just know you are going to learn as much from Jeremy as we did.


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ECHGW 07: Nature Lusting with Stacey Demarco

This week on “The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness” we are chatting to the one and only Stacey Demarco. Author of  “Witch in the Bedroom”, “Witch in the Boardroom”, and “The Coffee Oracle”, founder of “The Modern Witch”. She is an internationally respected spiritual pagan practitioner, metaphysician, witch and activist who hails from Sydney NSW Australia.

Join us as we go down the rabbit hole with Stacey and chat about her definition of wellness, what is going on with our next generation of kids as they grow up, and we also chat around some possible solutions for increasing everyones wellness.

Stacey introduces us to the idea of “Naturelusting” and we find out her latest involvement with the “Sea Shepherd’s” and “Sessions for the Sea“.

So, join us, won’t you, as we get up close with Australia’s favourite pagan and activist, Stacey Demarco

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ECHGW 06: What Is Paleo?

Join us this week as we chat to Steve and Sarah from “That Paleo Show”. They take us back to basics and give us a great grounding in what the Paleo lifestyle is all about, as well as tips and tricks to get you started if you are interested in giving Paleo a go.

Steve and Sarah have a way of making Paleo accessible for everyone, and I know you will enjoy listening to everything they have learnt on their Paleo journey.

We even get into a discussion about their upcoming “Cave Camp” in QLD October 10 – 12, 2014.

if you have been wondering what the Paleo hype is all about, or how to get started with a Paleo lifestyle then this is the episode for you. Continue reading

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ECHGW 05: Wellness Deep Dive with Fiona Cosgrove

This week on The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness we are chuffed to be joined by the founder of Wellness Coaching Australia, Fiona Cosgrove.

Fiona has an extensive wellness career that spans 3 decades. From owning and managing fitness centres, through to her Bachelor and Masters degree in Sports Science and Masters Degree in Counselling. In 2006 recognising a need to expand the wellness understanding Fiona launch Wellness Coaching Australia, which is Australia’s leading training organisation producing wellness coaches.

Tracy has been fortunate enough to study with Fiona over the past few years, so this weeks interview explores  the future of wellness coaching as well as the direction Australian workplaces are taking in terms of in-house wellness programs. Fiona discusses her upcoming workplace program, “Busting Barriers” as well as some work she has been doing on stress management.

Fiona shares her wealth of knowledge with us as she shares some tips for people who are looking to make a change in their overall wellness as well as how she keeps it all together while maintaining an extremely busy life.

So, settle back and enjoy this deep dive with Fiona Cosgrove, I know you are going to enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Oh, and keep those questions and comments coming: feedback@mbswellness.com.au

Continue reading

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ECHGW 04: Community Wellness

This week on the Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness we are joined by a special guest, Naren Sinnathamby, one of the director’s of Springfield Land Corporation.

Springfield is a master planned community approximately 30km south west of Brisbane, and Naren shares with us his views on what it takes to build a master planned community. From community wellness initiatives, to green city initiatives and all of the plans for the health of the community moving forward. He also shares his very personal journey to wellness that included losing over 40kg!

This interview with Naren is one not to be missed!

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