About Emma

Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach

I am driven  by a deep passion to guide women to creating a deeper  connection to their Mind, Body & Soul

I understand first hand what it is like to feel unworthy  and unworthy of love from a young age and how it feels to live a life of those beliefs into adulthood.

Over the previous 5 years I have been on a soul searching journey to reconnect with my heart and my soul purpose after finding myself at the bottom of a dark rabbit hole. The journey has been one of obstacles, falling down and getting back up again however, most importantly, it has be a journey of expansion and this has allowed me to create the life that I choose to live. - a life of values, self love, self worth and a deep knowing of who I am and what it means to be me and live my life on purpose.

And this journey has led me to where I am today and it has led me to you.

Through healing from my past and stepping in to cause of my life I have been able to create the life I choose. I am now committed to passing on my own learnings and my knowledge to serve and support all women who have felt enough pain, felt unworthy and are ready to create the life they know they deserve and want. I am also committed to facilitating a space to work with you to find your self worth and to help you find your deep knowing of who you are.

My journey has shown me that no one should ever go through life ever feeling alone or unworthy. So I am here for you. Here to help you find your voice, here to help you find your worth and here to help you create your life by your design.


Beautiful Soul

I See You, I Feel You and I Hear You.