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Sun, 22 Sept


Kincumba Mountain Reserve

Harmony Within: Womb Wellness Retreat

Harmony Within: Womb Wellness Retreat offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking healing and renewal in a sacred space. This retreat is designed to provide a nurturing environment for participants to reconnect with their inner selves and cultivate a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Harmony Within: Womb Wellness Retreat
Harmony Within: Womb Wellness Retreat

Time & Location

22 Sept 2024, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm AEST

Kincumba Mountain Reserve, Island View Dr, Kincumber NSW 2251

About the event

Did you know your Womb Space, or what many refer to as the Sacral Chakra, is kind of like our emotional storage unit? It's the cozy nook where we tuck away the energetic echoes of past relationships, love stories, deep-seated emotions, and even traumas. Whether they're echoes from today, yesteryears, or even patterns passed down through generations, our Womb Space can hold onto a lot.

From the tough stuff like challenging periods, relationship hiccups, less-than-great intimate experiences, to the more profound moments of loss or past life whirlwinds, our Womb Space doesn't discriminate in what it stores.

Sometimes, these energetic imprints can nestle so deeply within our subconscious that they create blockages, clogging up our Womb Space. Whether you've gone through menopause or a hysterectomy, these imprints can still linger energetically and spiritually in your sacral chakra.

If you feel like these emotional imprints are weighing you down and creating energetic blocks in your Womb Space, I'm here to help!

Harmony Within: Womb Wellness Retreat is a nurturing safe space for you to learn and begin the journey of self-discovery and healing as we explore the sacredness of the womb.

Let's begin your healing journey together and clear out the energetic echoes from your womb. You deserve to feel lighter and more balanced, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Some benefits my clients have experienced through healing their Sacred Womb Space;

  • Feelings of less tension in the lower abdomen;
  • Less pain and discomfort before, during and after menstrual flow;
  • No longer using pain relief for migraines;
  • Less pain in the hips and lower back area;
  • Less bloating;
  • Feeling reconnected to their inner feminine after a hysterectomy;
  • Falling pregnant and giving birth after years of miscarriages.

What the workshop entails;

  • Connecting with your body and womb-space - Gentle exercise, mindfulness and meditation
  • Womb mapping - Discover who or what you are unconsciously holding in your womb
  • Releasing the Energy - Gentle flow movement increasing circulation to the pelvic floor
  • Guided Womb Breathwork Session - Gentle session taking you on a journey of connecting your breath to your womb to release stuck energy
  • Sisterhood - A space to create and experience trust, respect and honouring one another……and more

Light refreshments will be available throughout the workshop ~

**Payment plans are available** Afterpay or please contact Emma on 0414 181 248 or to discuss other payment plan options.

YOUR HOST ~ Emma Blake

Emma is an intuitive led Spiritual Embodiment & Womb Alchemist and is driven by her purpose and passion to mentor women and men of all ages to create a deeper connection to self through healing from their past.

Mentoring and guiding you on your path to loving yourself unconditionally and realigning the Mind, Body and Soul so that you can live a life of feeling healthy, whole, loving and free.

Following her own spiritual and personal development journey over the past 8 years and healing from past traumas and bringing herself back out of a very deep dark place has allowed Emma to honour her divine feminine and reconnect to her mind, body, heart and soul which has led her on the path to mentoring other's through their healing journey’s.  

Emma is trained in many modalities of which she incorporates in her sessions whether 1:1, in groups and workshops.  

Emma brings a gentle and soft nature coupled with her ability to hold such beautiful safe, grounded and trauma informed space which is a credit to her and her experience in this field.


  • Harmony Within: Womb Wellness




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