Deep Dive Personal Breakthrough

1:1 Coaching using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® techniques incorporating Mindfulness and Energy Healing



Do you spend your days questioning your life's journey, unsure about what the future holds?

Are you in need of guidance and support to help you heal from the past and reconnect to your heart and soul?


Are you ready to uncover the true core essence of who you are?

Are you ready to stop simply just being and start taking the steps to creating your life?


If you answered YES then this is proof that you are READY to take the necessary steps - ready to breakthrough the old emotions, beliefs and conditioning to find the answers and uncover the true YOU and create a life that is yours. 

Let's Get Started

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) centres upon exploring the language patterns that we use in order to change how we feel, think, and behave. NEURO relates to our brain and nervous system. LINGUISTIC refers to our language and the way we talk to ourselves and to others. PROGRAMMING refers to our past and the way we are conditioned from an early age.

This incredible form of coaching is designed to powerfully train your mind's subconscious so that past habits, beliefs and trauma - and the negative emotions we have associated with them - are removed. From there we are able to shift our internal dialogue and use it positively to develop the confidence clarity and awareness to create and manifest our best life.


So what's involved?

Our Personal Breakthrough is delivered via 10 x 60min sessions (via Face to Face or over Zoom). The sessions are as follows;

Life Audit - We explore all areas of your life and get to the core of what's going on and where you are at.

Uncovering Your Values - We discover if you are living in alignment with what you truly value in life.

SEE's - We look back and find any significant emotional events where you still hold a negative emotional attachment to.

Reiki Energy Healing - Lay back and relax as you are taken through a meditation and your practitioner facilitates a Reiki session to shift and negative stuck energy within the body and chakras.

Releasing Negative Emotions - Together we move through the process of releasing the negative emotions you still have an attachment to.

Limiting Beliefs - We explore your career, relationships and lifestyle to discover what belief system you have created that has held you back from creating the life you truly want and release any limiting decisions you have.

Inner Conflict - Together we find two internal conflicting thoughts you may have created about yourself and through a process integrate these two parts one.

Hypnotherapy - This is where we take you through a personalised Hypnotherapy session where positive suggestions are installed to help you moving forward with a positive outlook.

Creating Your Future - Now we look forward to a goal you have set for the next 3 or 6 months and take you through a process where you can see, hear and feel what is like to succeed at this goal and manifest it into your newly created empowering life.

Reiki Energy Healing - You are now feeling lighter and empowered for your future, now is the perfect time to shift any residual stuck energy, cleanse and align your chakras.

Additional Sessions

Flexibility is key in our coaching sessions with our clients and at times our clients may need additional sessions and these additional sessions may involve other healing processes and/or modalities. Any additional sessions that we feel may be needed will be discussed with you in advance along with any additional costs.