Are you feeling an imbalance in your life?

Are you feeling stressed or holding onto tension in your body?


Do you feel your chakras and your energy flow is blocked?

Have you had past trauma in your life?

Do you have anxiety?

If you answered YES then this REIKI  HEALING & WOMB MEDITATION can help you find balance, release stress and realign Mind, Body and Soul.



Healing the Womb Space through Reiki & Meditation

The Womb is a women’s epicenter of her being, her internal universe. The Womb can hold unhealed emotions, trauma, negative past experiences, stress, worry, anxiety and untruths.

The Womb is also the source of our creativity, pleasure, intuition and deep personal power.

In order to heal the Womb and step into all of its positive power the healing begins with you.

As you begin your healing journey you begin to heal the conscious and subconscious, the past and present, the physical and the soul source.

Allow me to guide you through your beginning steps of healing and shifting the stuck negative energy within your Womb with a guided Womb Healing Meditation and Reiki Energy Healing.

What Should You Expect from a Reiki & Womb Healing Session

During a Reiki Healing session you the client, will either be lying down on a healing table or seated on a chair. The Reiki Practitioner will place their hands gently either on the clients body or just above the body. The Reiki Practitioner will change positions of their hands several times as the healing progresses. You may feel some or coolness, tingling or you will simply feel relaxed. Once the full body Reiki Energy Healing is complete the practitioner will return the the Womb (Sacral Chakra) and take you through a guided Womb Healing meditation

Some Benefits of a Reiki Healing Session

 Relieves pain & discomfort
 Reduces stress & anxiety
 Releases toxins from the body
 Promotes healing
 Balances energy & chakras

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