Discovery Call $147 - 90 Minutes

Reiki Healing Session $120

Weight Loss Hypnosis $947

Life & Wellness Coaching - $147 per hour

Deep Dive Breakthrough – Enquire Today

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki aids relaxation, assists in the body's natural healing processes,

and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is also induces deep relaxation, 

helps relieve emotional stress, and improve overall wellbeing.

Reiki Healing is also used to clear and cleanse your chakras allowing your energy

to flow through your body easily and effortlessly.




Hypnosis for Weight Loss Can Help You Be A Healthier Version Of You

Do you live a healthy lifestyle however feel the weight just isn’t shifting?

Or maybe you have hit a plateau and have been unable to move through the plateau!

Did you know that to release our physical weight we must first release the mental and emotional weight we are holding onto in our subconscious mind?

What we have experienced in our past that has been the cause of the weight

gain is the cause that holds us back from becoming a healthier version of ourselves.

Weight Loss Hypnosis allows for us to work together and find the habits, triggers and root cause as to why in your weight loss journey you have come to an obstacle that you feel you are unable to jump.

Hypnosis allows us to install positive new strategies and healthier habits into your subconscious mind which will allow you to be a Healthier Version of You for Life.

You are ready to be a healthier version of you NOW, aren’t you!


Breakthrough Deep Dive Coaching

Is there an area of your life where you are feeling like you are stuck?

Are you ready to Dive Deep and find the root cause as to what is holding you back from moving forward in your relationships, career, health and fitness, family, personal development or spirituality?

A Breakthrough Deep Dive Coaching consists of 6 weekly coaching sessions. Our first session together is where we dive deep into your past and gather your Personal History. Once we have gathered your personal history we work through removing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that have been holding you back in the area of your life you feel you are stuck in using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy.

You are ready to start creating the life you desire and deserve NOW, aren’t you!







Life & Wellness Coaching

Through life there may be times where you feel the need to speak with a professional to get an unbiased perspective on a specific event that you are going through in a specific area of your life whether it be in your relationships, career, health and fitness, family, personal development or spirituality. I offer hourly and block coaching sessions which are available on the Central Coast NSW or via Skype.




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