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Elemental Yin Breathwork: 6 Week Journey offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking healing and renewal in a sacred group container. This 6 week journey is designed to provide a nurturing environment to reconnect with your inner self and cultivate a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Join me on a weekly group Yin Breathwork Journey as we explore the transformative energies of the 5 Elements. Each week, we will focus on a different element, culminating in the sixth week where we will integrate all the elements together. Through Yin Breathwork, we will harness these energies to release what no longer serves us, cultivate inner peace, and activate our highest potential. Let's breathe, heal, and elevate together over these six weeks, guiding you back home to your heart.

Yin Breathwork allows us to embrace and flow with the natural rhythm of our breath, promoting a gentle and allowing approach. By emphasizing gentleness and the natural flow of our breath, we can establish a stronger connection with our inner selves. This practice helps us release energy blockages, gain valuable insights, and achieve deep cellular healing and understanding.

The breathing rhythm gently guides you into a deep meditative state of relaxation, an “altered state of consciousness” where the conscious mind, or “Ego,” loosens its grip. In this state, you can access deeper parts of your consciousness, where true answers lie and energy blocks can be released.

What are the 5 Elements we will be working with?

The 5 elements—earth, air, fire, water, and spirit—represent the foundational components of the universe, each embodying unique energies and qualities.


  • Earth symbolizes stability, grounding, and nurturing, providing a solid foundation for growth and sustenance.

  • Air embodies intellect, communication, and freedom, encouraging the flow of ideas and inspiration.

  • Fire represents transformation, passion, and energy, driving change and fueling our ambitions.

  • Water signifies emotions, intuition, and adaptability, allowing us to flow with life's currents and embrace our inner depths.

  • Spirit, the fifth element, connects all the others, representing the essence of life, the unseen force that unites and animates everything.

    Together, these elements create a harmonious balance, guiding us on our journey through life and helping us understand the interconnectedness of all things.


Some benefits clients have experienced through a
Yin Breathwork Journey

  • Feelings of being grounded and connected to nature;

  • Increased clarity, joy and vitality through releasing everyday stress and tension;

  • Deep relaxation and calm, nervous system regulation;

  • Gentle yet powerful release of trauma and suppressed emotions that compromise health and hold us back;

  • Understanding and releasing early childhood and birth imprints, patterns and memories;

  • Deep insights and intuitive guidance from the inside;

  • Moving through energetic and physical blocks;

  • Connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves and the Divine - the Oneness experience.

Elemental Yin Breathwork: 6 Week Journey
Elemental Yin Breathwork: 6 Week Journey
09 Aug 2024, 6:00 pm
Location is TBD ~ Central Coast NSW
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