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The term "womb" often evokes thoughts of female reproductive organs, specifically the uterus. However, it is important to note that the concept of the Womb extends beyond just the physical organ. It encompasses the entire energetic space of that region. Therefore, those who have undergone a partial or full hysterectomy can still benefit from Womb Healing. 


The Womb space can be likened to an emotional storage area, where we store energetic imprints of past relationships, emotional memories, and trauma. These imprints can remain buried in our subconscious, leading to energetic blocks in our womb space (or Hara for men).


In addition to being a storage space, the Womb is also a source of deep wisdom and creative power. It is where we give birth to new life or new ideas. Birthing is not limited to the physical realm in the form of a child; we all experience the birthing process energetically when bringing forth new projects, businesses, intentions, or ways of living. When energetic blocks form in our sacral chakra, we can feel stuck. The free flow of our Shakti energy is essential for clarity and empowerment. Our Wombs serve as direct portals for spirit to manifest in the physical realm, whether that be through the birth of a baby or the inspiration to materialise an idea.


Womb Healing aims to restore the womb to its original innocent state. Through intuitive healing techniques, energy work, bodywork, food, herbs, and lifestyle medicine, trauma and emotional blocks can be cleared from the womb, along with past imprints from previous lovers. Womb Healing also helps dissolve energy cords of attachment and supports emotional healing from losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortions.


Each Womb Healing journey is unique and personal, tailored to the specific sacral blocks individuals are currently working through. Sessions are nurturing and deeply relaxing, providing an opportunity to tap into the deep Feminine Consciousness. Womb Healing is a profoundly transformative experience that has the potential to heal ancestral wounds that have been carried for thousands of years.

How Would You Like to Nurture Your Sacred Womb

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A Sacred Womb Massage is a 2hr session that includes sacred abdominal massage, focusing on your lower and upper back , your buttocks, your upper chest, underneath your ribs and sternum to create space . 

All the time shifting stagnant energy that may have been created by past experiences or emotions that we haven’t allowed ourselves heal. This is a nourishing massage for your body and you will leave feeling lighter and refreshed.

The treatment is a combination of Lomi Lomi Massage, Polarity Therapy and Energy Healing. Women have used massaging of the womb and abdominal areas for centuries to heal themselves and others.

Who is a Sacred Womb Massage for?
Anyone who may need support with
Emotional blockages,
Lower back pain
Menstruation issues
Fertility issues
And many more

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Womb Breathwork is a gentle and transformative approach to energetically healing the sacred womb space, the sacral chakra and our energy portal to the spirit world.

Womb Breathwork has been created on the foundations of, my mentor Suntara's, Yin (Rebirthing) Breathwork.

Once I have guided you into the breathing rhythm connecting your breath to your heart and womb you are already well on the way to the deep meditative state.

Throughout the session I will incorporate Sound Healing using a number of instruments such as Native American Flute, Medicine Drum, River Drum,  Crystal Bowls, Tongue Drum and Koshi Chimes and my voice.

Who is Sacred Womb Breathwork for?

Anyone who may need support with 
Connecting back to their Womb
Clearing emotional blockages
Creating space to create life or ideas

Lower back and/or hip pain

Menstruation issues
And many more

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A Sacred Womb Healing is about creating time and space for you to connect, nurture and honour you and your Sacred Womb.

We hold so much power, wisdom, creativity and sensuality within our sacred womb however we tend to neglect nurturing her and cleansing her of the negative energies we can also hold here.

Over the past 5 years I have experienced what it feels like to cleanse, heal and nurture my sacred womb so have created this loving journey for you to experience.

Click below to find out how you can experience a Sacred Womb Healing Journey.

"I feel empowered, proud, happy, encouraged, loved, enlightened, reconnected to my mind, body and soul. I feel able and I feel privileged.''

On Saturday I had my first ever Energy Womb Healing and meditation session with Emma. I went in open minded but guarded.

We began with Emma explaining how the session was going to go and from there we started with breathing and then onto Reiki. As I laid there focusing on my breaths my tummy felt tight with every inhalation. Emma started at my head and as she got to my chest I could feel my emotions start crashing like waves. I wanted to cry but my guard stopped me. She made her way to my sacral chakra and slowly but surely I could feel things shifting. Tears were slowly streaming down my cheeks.

Once we finished the Reiki we proceeded with the Womb meditation. I had done simple guided meditations on spotify before but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience.

Emma brought my focus back to my breathing. I felt lighter but still restricted. As Emma began guiding me I started to envision myself in the words she was saying. Every description I saw it. Whether it be walking along a windy path I was doing it. It was completely tangible.

During the meditation I was guided by a spirit guide to a Jade temple. There was a point during this where emotionally I could feel myself let go and release some of tension within my womb. When this happened it appeared as though there was Jade radiating from below me and pushing its way through my womb. Almost like a beam of greenlight shooting from my stomach and taking all of the tension, pain, stiffness, hostility and negativity with it. My lower stomach felt like it was being held by a pair of hands and then all of a sudden it was soft. I felt free. Unchained.

By this point I was very emotional and allowed myself to surrender to it. At first they were tears of hurt, desperation and heartache and they were rushing down my face. Then all of a sudden the tears were still there but so was a smile. I felt happy. I felt relieved. My heart had softened and after years of anguish I finally felt content.

For almost 8 years I had been on a lonely and unending fertility journey resulting in constant disappointment. This much time spent housing all of the negative thoughts and trauma had consumed my entire being. For the first time in 8 years I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. I felt content and full. I am unbound and I am grateful. What I experienced allowed me to let go of all of the things holding me back from just being. But I don’t feel negative thoughts to how I was feeling anymore instead I feel positive about where I am going from here. I feel present and I feel whole.

After the session Emma stood with me and asked me if it would be ok for her to share some things that came through to her. 1 that really resonated with me is that she sees a spirit guide of mine which is a little boy. She wants me to know that he walks beside me all the time. The thing is when I was experiencing my walk to the Jade temple guided by my spirit guide the guide I envisioned was a little boy. Emma had no idea of this during or after my meditation until she told me what she knew.

I can’t put into words how this entire experience has impacted me but what I can suggest is when you are ready or even if you feel like you don’t know please reach out to Emma. Everyone needs to experience what I have in their own way for their own journey.

I have a profound sense of gratitude for what Emma helped me to accomplish. I feel empowered, proud, happy, encouraged, loved, enlightened, reconnected to my mind, body and soul. I feel able and I feel privileged.


Thank you so much Emma                                                                                                                                                       

- Testimonial from Harmony B 2020
* Harmony gave birth to a healthy baby boy in July 2021

Womb Healing
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