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To support and inspire individuals by helping them overcome energetic blockages and barriers, to enhance their health through accessing their own innate healing abilities.


To embrace natural, safe alternative and complimentary therapies and healing modalities that empower you to alleviate energetic and physical pain and tap into your inner healing potential. This transformation enables you to break free from stagnation and confusion, to manifesting a life overflowing with freedom, love, joy, and happiness.


Hey there!

I’m Emma and I am driven by my purpose and passion to mentor individuals to create a deeper connection to their Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

I am an intuitive led Spiritual Embodiment & Womb Alchemist supporting women and men of all ages to release negative energy, emotions and attachments to past trauma or significant emotional events. Mentoring and guiding you on your path to loving yourself unconditionally and realigning the Mind, Body and Soul so that you can live a life of feeling healthy, whole, loving and free.

Following my spiritual and personal development journey and healing from my past traumas allowed me to honour my inner divine feminine & masculine and reconnect to my mind, body, heart and soul which has now led me on the path to mentoring women and men through their healing journey’s.

The path of conscious healing supports all to rediscover and nurture their divine essence. This is where you reconnect to your intuition, creativity and align to your purpose. When the inner union of the feminine and masculine energies are balanced, this outward reflection is mirrored back in all aspects of your life.

I am here to guide you on your healing and transformational journey. Where you are empowered to reconnect with your heart and soul, to raise your awareness and your energetic vibration. 

I have created a space that invites you to align your wellness ~ mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through the process of letting go of suppressed negative emotions, limiting beliefs that you have created about yourself, and inner conflicts, I will mentor and guide you to align to your values and create positive belief systems. I believe that by rediscovering and nurturing your divine feminine and masculine, you are able to experience a rebirthing in all areas of your life to reconnect and love yourself unconditionally.

Whether you are looking to heal from the past, motivated by spiritual or personal growth, or are intrigued by alternate holistic healing modalities to help you in everyday life, I would be honoured to mentor and guide you on your chosen path.

Honour yourself in taking the small steps forward to a more fulfilling and aligned life!

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