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Yin Breathwork


Yin Breathwork, also known as Conscious Breathing or Intuitive Breathing, is learning to breath from the Breath itself - learning to breathe from divine source, universe. It is a practical skill we can use every day.

Yin Breathwork is a gentle and transformative approach to breathwork that is deeply rooted in Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing Breathwork. It is the practice of allowing

Spirit ~ Breathe of Life ~ to breathe us.

Daily Conscious Breathing makes our life easier, more pleasurable and healthy. It is as important as nourishing our bodies with fresh whole foods and clean water.

Yin Breathwork is the power of divine consciousness for healing, relaxation, energy and peace. 

To learn Conscious Energy Breathing is to discover the full power of the
Breath of Life


How Does Yin Breathwork Work?

Yin Breathwork is a breathing technique and no props are needed to aid with this natural method. Even if a person is put just through the breathing, without any processing or conversation, they will still benefit tremendously from the procedure. Essentially, this is the healing part of the session.

The breather lies down and is put into the breathing rhythm known as circular breathing. The circular breathing in Yin Breathwork is done through the nose with a closed mouth. The nose breathing method is also far less forceful and therefore supports the practice of gentleness above all, during a breathwork session. 

The facilitator consequently gently guides the breather’s breathing pattern, paying close attention to any deviations of the breath. The breather breathes in this way for approximately 1-1.5hrs. This breathing rhythm causes an energy flow throughout the body and this flow washes through any tension or blockages in the system. The subtle form of vibrational energy permeates every cell and clears out the negative charge in the cellular memory of the body - which has stored every experience a person has ever had since conception and in many cases even before.

Once the breather surrenders to bliss there is a shift in consciousness and they go to the next level where they may “see” something about their life. This is sometimes described as watching a movie about your life from a different perspective or simply feeling or knowing something new, becoming clear on an issue or touching the divine. Every person has a different experience and every Yin Breathwork session is different, though sometimes a breather may have a recurring theme.

When the breather has completed the energy cycle the facilitator allows them to integrate what they have understood for a few minutes and “recover” from the experience. Through experiencing regular Yin Breathwork sessions we are able to maintain this loving feeling everyday of our lives as well as increase our spiritual connection with the universe, creating a flow of abundance into our lives.

History of Yin Breathwork

Founded by Daniel Coates “Suntara” and his wife Rosarmy Ramirez Moreno, this practice underscores the importance of gentleness and incorporates trauma-informed methods, offering a safe and inclusive space for individuals to cultivate self-awareness, personal growth, and healing.

The Yin Breathwork technique is considered a holistic process because it addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of our self, which include:






It is an absolutely safe process that only surfaces issues when we are in the right mindset and timeframe to acknowledge them and therefore release them. You can use Rebirthing Breathwork for anxiety, trauma, sleep, stress and depression, or to change your reality.

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